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What is Reflexology...

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Reflexology is a fabulous energy and zone therapy, using gentle pressure on various reflex points of the foot. This wonderful treatment is a holistic therapy working on the whole body rather than a condition or disease, which restores balance and harmony to the recipient.

Reflexology Pricing:

Duration: 60 minutes …………………………………… £38.00

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Reflex - The Philosophy.

Eastern Philosophy considers the feet as a map to all of the body’s organs and systems, the right foot relates to the organs, glands and parts of the body on the right hand side and the left foot relates to those on the left hand side. Known as a zone therapy, Reflexology massage is based on specific zones of the feet and hands. With the appropriate pressure, these points are massaged with the thumb and finger to influence the corresponding body parts, organs and glands. 


The map above is a Reflexology chart that displays what is worked on during your treatment, and if you get tenderness or if the therapist feels any crunching or popping around different areas, it will be reworked afterwards to help any blockages or health concerns in that area.

What are
the benefits?


Rebalances the body

Reflexology brings the mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony by clearing blocked energies that we can develop in the body. This restoration of equilibrium can refresh and energise the person who is receiving the treatment. It can also increase circulation and regulate blood pressure.


Improves Sleep

Most people struggle to switch off at night and find their sleeping patterns a little all over the place. Mainly as we live in a world where we can sit in bed on devices that keep us awake. With regular reflexology treatments, you may find that you’re more likely to fall back into some form of healthy sleep routine.


Eases Stress and Anxiety.

This therapy is very calming and an excellent stress buster, I always recommend it to the busiest of people who will be in great need of some chill-out time. Reducing stress and tension throughout the whole body, reflex will also induce relaxation and increases energy and vitality to produce a feeling of wellbeing.


Encourages weight loss

Reflexology is the perfect complement to your healthy eating and exercise regime. By working on different and specific points of the feet we can help to trigger a variety of responses in our body that are conducive to weight loss. It involves extra work on the spleen, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and endocrine glands.

What to

The fabulous thing about Reflexology treatments is that there is no need for unnecessary disrobing. Although, we would advise loose fitting trousers rather than leggings, as the end of the treatment includes a wonderful foot and up to the knee leg massage.

Reflexology is perfect for those with a busy and hectic lifestyle, this seated treatment, (either reclined on a couch or sitting in a comfortable chair) can be carried out anywhere. The feet are cleansed, then the client will receive a relaxing “greet the feet massage”, talc will be applied to allow an easy flow of treatment.

You will receive the full treatment, whereby your therapist will work their way around the specific zones and fill in a chart if they’ve picked up on any areas that need reworking. These charts can then be used as a record when the client is having a course of treatments, it can help pick up on any blockages in the energy system that could manifest into physical issues.


Regular treatments would help remove these blockages and ease any symptoms in those areas. Then to bring the treatment to a close, a post-massage of the legs and feet is applied. It works in a very similar way to acupuncture, without the needles.

I'm a teaching assistant, so my back tends to get quite painful. after having my first ever reflexology treatment with Terry, I can already feel a huge improvement and will definitely be returning for treatments in the future!

Ellen Louise

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