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Well-being Services

We live our lives so frantically in this busy world, but have you ever thought about stopping to take just a simple breath? 

Yes, rest, relaxation and mindfulness can be as simple as that. We all have the ability to calm our chaotic minds by simply taking in a few deep breaths. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, this simple technique along with various others can actually help you to think more clearly, be more productive, sleep better, eat better and just give us a better sense of wellbeing to restore balance and harmony to our hectic everyday lives.

I live my life with a holistic approach, mainly due to the fact I'm a trained holistic therapist, but in 2005 I gained a Certificate in Education teaching qualification and began teaching Beauty and Holistic therapies in Stafford College for a number of years, so it just became a way of life. I expanded into Mindfulness when I trained to become a Reiki Master Teacher and gained certification in teaching meditation and it's something I really enjoyed and incorporated into my daily life.

How does Earthbound provide well-being services?

1-2-1 Mindfulness Coaching

These sessions can be in person or video call and will be a  personalised mindfulness programme tailored to your needs after an initial free consultation. Better suited for people who aren't great in a group workshop.

Please note: This is not counselling for mental health

Corporate Well-being Packages

Now, more than ever, we need a little helping hand to feel motivated, especially if you are currently working from home and feeling isolated and lonely. I offer virtual programmes for organisations to provide their staff with coping mechanisms and tools to calm their busy minds and be more productive.

Mindfulness isn't difficult, you just  have to remember to do it.

Sharon Saltzberg

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