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Earthbound Treatments

I think It's safe to say lifestyles have become busier and more stressful these days, and sometimes we forget to look after ourselves. Giving yourself time to relax and unwind seems impossible, however Earthbound Holistics is dedicated to helping people restore some balance and harmony to their busy schedules, by providing gentle and relaxing treatments within a comfortable environment.


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Reiki Healing | 30 min treatment: £25 or 60 min: £35

Reiki is non-invasive (not massage), it's a gentle, but powerful, hands on treatment, using universal energy, so there is no need for disrobing. Reiki helps to relax the body, balance the emotions and clear the mind, reducing stress, sleep problems, & chronic pain bringing a great sense of wellbeing. A therapy for all, Reiki can be performed in a chair it is  suitable for those who are in a wheelchair or the elderly, & can be carried out anywhere.

Head Massage

Indian Head Massage | 40 min treatment: £35

Indian head massage is a relaxing treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck & shoulders. It's well known to help to relieve eye strain & headaches. Different moves are utilised to increase circulation & remove toxins; break down tension nodules. It can be performed in a chair it is particularly suitable for those who are wheelchair bound or the elderly, & can be carried out anywhere.


Reflexology | 60 minute treatment: £38

Known as a zone therapy, Reflexology massage is based on specific zones of the feet and hands. With the pressure, these points are massaged with the thumb & finger to influence the corresponding body parts, & organs The great thing about reflex is that there is no need for  disrobing. Although, we would advise loose fitting trousers, as the end of the treatment includes a wonderful foot & up to the knee massage.


Auricular Ear Candling | 40-minute Treatment: £30.00

Ear Candling is an alternative holistic approach to ear syringing. The warmth created by the flame creates a vacuum, which provides suction to help extract any earwax and other impurities out of the ear canal and into the hollow candle. It not only has health benefits but is a deeply relaxing treatment. After the treatment has finished, we provide a lovely scalp, facial, ear, and sinus massage bringing your treatment to 30 minutes.


Hot Stone massage | 30 min treatment: £35.00 or 60 min: £45.00

Hot stone therapy is a specialist massage that uses smooth, flat, heated basalt stones that are positioned along your spine, in the palms of your hands, along your legs and between the toes. Using the hot stones helps to melt away tension nodules, easing muscle stiffness and increasing circulation as the warmth of the stones expands blood vessels, encouraging blood flow throughout the body. Heat has long been used for this purpose. 


Aromatherapy massage | 30 min treatment: £35.00 or 60 min: £45.00

A truly holistic therapy, taking into account the mind, body and spirit as well as the lifestyle the client leads, as it addresses the person as a whole. These essential oils penetrate the body through the skin, creating multiple benefits beyond just their nice smell. They affect your mood, alleviate pain, detoxify your body, and ramp up your immune system, depending on the oils used. Aromatherapy has proven therapeutic for a variety of conditions.

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Crystal healing Therapy | 60 min treatment: £45.00

Crystal Healing is an ancient practice which uses the energy vibrations from the crystals to promote self-healing and the rebalancing of our own natural energy fields. For this treatment you stay fully clothed and various crystals and minerals will be specifically placed to cleanse all major chakras, meridians, and emotions. A truly magical and relaxing treatment. 


Therapeutic massage | 30 min treatment: £25.00 or 60 min: £35.00

This treatment is a classic, as it's the most common form of massage. If you've never had a massage before this is a great introduction. This treatment is the perfect way to soothe and relax tense muscles and soft tissues. During the 30 minutes, we would work the back, neck and shoulders. During an hour-long treatment, we can perform a full body massage which includes the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet.


Express MONU Facial | 30 min treatment: £30.00

This facial is an ideal introduction to the MONU range and can be carried out during your lunch break. It is also an ideal treatment prior to a special make-up application. Consisting of, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, eye and lip products and moisturise. Includes a hand and arm massage/heated mitts whilst waiting for the mask to do its magic.


MONU Aromatic Facial | 60 min treatment: £38.00

A soothing and beneficial treatment that is suitable for all skin types. The preparations that are used contain the purest essential oils that have been carefully selected to help balance the skin and maintain its youthful appearance. Consisting of, cleanse, tone, aromatic hot compress, face neck and shoulder massage and lots more.

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MONU Active Collagen Facial | 60 treatment: £55.00

The Active Collagen Facial has been designed to reduce the signs of aging using freeze-dried marine collagen. This intensive collagen treatment will improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. After just one treatment, the skin’s ability to hold moisture is improved by up to 75%. After six treatments, wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40%

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Non-Surgical Facelift | 60 min treatment: £35.00 (individual)

Utilising microcurrent technology to help to increase circulation, remove toxins, tone, and refresh the skin and muscles, resulting in the skin looking smoother with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used as a one-off treatment for a special occasion to brighten the skin. However, it is best taken as a course of ten treatments (at least two a week) to help to build upon the benefits to the muscle tone and then once a month for maintenance.


1-1 Guided Meditation | 60 min treatment: £20.00

Come and experience tranquility in my serene treatment room, where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. During this personalised 30-minute session, I'll customise the meditation to suit your needs by understanding what you seek from this guided experience. Simply come dressed in comfy attire and relax on our heated couch while I guide you on a journey to a peaceful realm.

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