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What is Crystal Healing...

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Image by Esther Verdú
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Crystal healing is an ancient practice that uses the crystals natural healing powers and vibrations to absorb, re-focus, and direct energies around the body. This therapy rebalances the mind, body, spirit, alongside cleansing your chakras. With the incorporation of Reiki, we aim to help remove any blockages and bring back your bodies natural energy rhythm.

Crystal Healing Pricing:

Duration: 60 minutes …………………………………… £45.00

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What conditions could improve
with Crystal Healing?

 Digestive problems

 Arthritis and joint pain


 Blood pressure (high/low)
 Hay fever
 Menstrual conditions

 Skin conditions

Healing Stones

Crystal Healing - The Philosophy.

The origins of crystal healing is tied to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece, or Ancient Rome. The Egyptians used crystals in nearly every facet of their lives and they were one of the first to use crystals cosmetically (ground up as eyeshadow, for instance). 

The Greeks used crystals to heal and we're some of the first to pick specific meanings/properties to the crystals. Viking Norsemen would use crystals like compasses, and held them in high esteem, alongside native americans who believed crystals were solidified light and contained "source." They were said to feed their crystals to energise and cleanse them.

The other early adopters of crystal healing were the Chinese. They mainly used jade, but in various ways—as armor, jewellery, talismans, musical instruments, masks, and specifically for healing the kidneys. 

Image by Esther Verdú

What are
the benefits?


Increases focus

The crystals have different ways of working with a person and it's possible for them to increase levels of alertness and improve concentration. Perfect for if you've been struggling to stay on track at work or even at home. 


Deep relaxation

This therapy is a chance to just stop for a moment and soak up the energy the crystals provide. This promotes a sense of calmness, tranquility and peace. It relaxes mind, body and spirit leaving a great sense of well-being.


Releases anxiety and stress

Because crystals are very good at absorbing energy, they're able to remove negative energy and disperse. The properties of certain crystals will instill calm, helping to ease that frantic anxious energy throughout.


Cleansing and clearing

The way in which the crystals are placed is to allow energy to flow through the body and back out again. Releasing stagnant energy, any blockages and cleanses all chakras  to truly rebalance the client.

What to

After an initial consultation to access what you would like to gain from your session, you will lie on the couch fully clothed and various crystals and minerals will be placed in specific areas, this combined with Reiki will rebalance all the chakras:

  • Crown

  • Third Eye

  • Throat

  • Heart

  • Solar Plexus

  • Sacral

  • Root

Using their own healing properties and energy vibrations, they will work to rebalance your mind, body and soul. This in turn brings your own natural energy rhythm back in sync. Pointed crystals will be held and used to direct energy in and out of the body. 

Commonly used crystal in this healing session:

I tend to intuitively pick my various crystals during each individual session, however these tend to be the most commonly used among most crystal healers. Each one of these will be used on various Chakras. 

 Right to left (top to bottom): Clear Quartz | Crown Chakra, Rose Quartz | Heart Chakra, Smokey Quartz | Base Chakra,
Amethyst | Third Eye Chakra,
Sodalite | Throat Chakra, Citrine | Solar Plexus Chakra, Carnelian | Sacral Chakra,
Aventurine | Heart Chakra,Red Jasper | Base Chakra, Fluorite | Throat Chakra.

I've always loved Crystals, they've been a part of me since I was very young. Having a Crystal Healing session really calms my messy mind, I feel very rebalanced afterwards. I 100% recommend!

Danni Richards

Vikki Marsh

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