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Going Purple for Lupus in May!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Originally posted: 19th April 2022

Many of you lovely lot know that The Hibbs Lupus Trust is one of our selected charities as a business due to our Daughter getting diagnosed with SLE Lupus in 2012/2013. Not many people know what Lupus is, in fact, we didn’t when it was given as a potential cause of Danni’s health issues.

We’ve battled some tough times with Danni as her Lupus continues to flare and settle, and during lockdown she was categorised as “Extremely Clinically Vulnerable.” This is one of the many reasons I continue to wear a face covering during my treatments, as just because restrictions have been lifted, doesn’t mean people like Danni are no longer at risk of becoming very unwell with COVID-19.

Two people crossing the finishing line at the lupus walk with a dog
Photo courtesy of The Hibbs Lupus Trust

We have always taken part in the Lupus Walk on World Lupus Day – 10th May (even our little superstar, Maxi Jazz). This event used to take place in May which is Lupus Awareness Month. With the pandemic hitting and all the people who would take part still being quite vulnerable, they have decided to raise money and awareness this year by “Going Purple” for Lupus! Which is exactly what I’ll be doing. It helps that my treatment room is full of purple, but my uniform will be purple in support of an amazing charity!

You will be able to donate to The Hibbs Lupus Trust when you come for a treatment or just by following the link to their webpage. We’ll also have our little spoon bracelets available to purchase, with all the money going to the charity.

I know it’s a lot to ask at the moment with cost of living rising, but even a small donation is making a big difference to people like Danni. We created a blog a while back on How Reiki Healing Can Help Lupus Sufferers, whereby our daughter wrote a piece about how Lupus affects her and others. She’s our little warrior who still even after the diagnosis and crippling symptoms she deals with daily, continues to work and live life to the full (or as full as her life allows.)

Photo Courtesy of Hibbs Lupus Trust (even Ben did it on crutches that year)

Hibbs have given details on how you can take part:

When: 6th – 13th May (World Lupus Day is 10th May)

Where: Anywhere!

What: Simply Go Purple in support of The Hibbs Lupus Trust - just remember to donate at the same time!

In celebration of World Lupus Day on 10th May we want you to Go Purple between 6th – 13th May. Whether you’re at home, school, or work, getting involved couldn’t be simpler! You could Go Purple for a day or even the whole week – just remember to donate at the same time! Why not dress in your brightest purple outfit, bake some tasty purple treats, or celebrate by throwing a purple themed tea party? All funds raised will help us to continue providing support to people affected by lupus.

Share your Go Purple pictures with us!

Remember to share your Go Purple pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn! Just add the hashtag #TeamHibbsLupus to all your posts – we can’t wait to see how you choose to get involved!

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